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The aims of the Red Cross Group are as follows:-


a)  Promotion of health.

b)  Service to the sick and suffering.

c)  International friendliness.

A member of the teaching staff selected by the Principal will remain in charge of the group.  The group shall not have more than 50 active members and all the students of the College are members.

The executive committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and Secretary. They shall be selected from among the students who enroll themselves as active members of the group. The election to the posts mentioned above will be held in the manner determined by the    Principal.  A fee of Rs.5/- will be collected from a student in the beginning of the each academic year and the amount will be deposited in a separate passbook. The Principal or Faculty in Charge will operate the accounts of the groups.

Dr. Anita Kumari Panigrahy (Lecturer in Commerce)

YRC Counselor

Sri Surya Narayan Muduli (Lecturer in Economics)

YRC Counselor