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Railway concession

Railway Concession

Railway Concession is issued to the bonafied students of the Institution. The concession is admissible when a student travels,
(a) from the institution to his house and back during vacation.
(b) from the institution to an examination course in India and back and
(c) from the institutions to training centres and back, but not for recruitment examination or employment.
Every application for railway concession should be accompained by a certificate from the proctor to the effect that the purpose of the journey is
genuine, The concession form is valid for fourteen days from the date of issue for outward journey and for three months for return journey. One
escort for a party of four girl students of any age may be allowed to travel with the party at concessional rates. Misuse of concession tickets or
allowing other person to use ticket is fraud which will render the user liable to prosecution of other Penal action. Students intending to avail
concession form should deposit Rs. 1/- in the counter.
Note: The term ‘house’ means the native place or the place where the parents / guardians of the students reside. Address given at the time of
admission as recorded in the Long Roll will only be considered.